Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sama Chakeba(सामा चकेबा )

Tomorrow is Kartik Purnima Birthday of Guru Nanak and I always remember this day. It is my younger brother's Birthday too and on this day he use to be treated as a VIP because the last day of a festival called Sama Chakeba which girls celebrate for their brother also falls on this day.

Sama Chakeba is a festival which is celebrated during winter season when birds migrate from Himalaya to plains . It is celebrated in Mithila with advent of these colorful birds and is dedicated to brother sister relationship. It represents the tradition and art of making idol of Mithilanchal. In this festival the clay idols are made and decorated by clothes and colors in traditional way.

Sama Chakeba (festival) starts on the festival called Chhath, the Seventh Day of Kartik Lunar . The idol of Sama - Chakeba(pair of birds) which has most significance of this festival is made on this day . Rest of the idols such as Chugla (चुगला), Vrindaban(वृन्दाबन), Batgamani (बटगमनी), are made till Ekadashi, the Eleventh Day and ends on Full Moon of Kartik that is Kartik Poornima . It is said that on Ekadashi the date for Sama's "Bidai" is fixed and on Poornima she goes, that is called" Sama Bhasaun ".

Every day in the night the sisters take all the idols in a bamboo basket to the cultivated land. There is a big entertainment program performed by brothers and sisters. Every day sisters pray for their brother's long life . On and from the Ekadashi, that is Dev Uthaun Ekadashi the idols are colored and decorated. On the Kartik Poornima sisters take all the decorated idols along with their brothers to the cultivated land. Brothers split the idols putting on their knees and is thrown to the cultivated land . Sisters give sweets to their brothers and pray for their brother's long life .

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bride picking flowers-2

फूल लोढ़ैत कनिया ; फूल चुनती हुई दुल्हन ; A  Bride  Picking  Flowers .